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The 10 best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

The 10 best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

Undoubtedly, living in Montreal is to have access to everything. Apart from being one of the best cities in the country, it also offers a view of the European, sober and classic. Likewise, the contemporary is making its way through the urban beauty that the province offers.

Therefore, as foreigners usually say, it is a paradise on earth. You will always find a decent place to live, with all the comforts and amenities that will allow you to get a peaceful routine and consistent with your needs.

Montreal has the particularity of being the most populated city in the province, therefore, it is amply capable of offering a quality life. This is because it is a large economic center and a point of attraction for millions of tourists interested in treasuring great experiences.

Based on this, we have prepared a substantial article that functions as a log or map on the 10 best neighborhoods to live in Montreal. With experts from the real estate industry and advisors from J. Cabana Immobilier, we will tour these magical corners for you to find the place of your dreams.

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Top 10 of the best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

Top 10 of the best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

After analyzing all the neighborhoods in Montreal and doing the relevant research, we have compiled a list that will allow you to get a closer look at those places with amazing living conditions. That said, we will tell you in detail our top 10 neighborhoods to live in Montreal.

1. Griffintown


If you want to get to know a dream neighborhood, where sophistication is the order of the day and the population is totally pleasant, Griffintown is for you. This neighborhood is characterized for being very dynamic, full of creativity and full of remodeled warehouses, condominiums and French-style houses.

Griffintown is home to the art scene, with an endless number of shows, presented at the Arsenal or the Montreal Art Centre. It is also surrounded by the famous Lachine Canal, which runs parallel to a pedestrian and bicycle path, perfect for those who love sports or walking.

The panoramic scenery provided by this walkway is complemented by the Rue Notre-Dame Ouest. There, locals enjoy fine dining in gourmet restaurants with international options. For this reason, it is an excellent option for living in Montreal.

2. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


Another place to live in harmony and comfort is Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Although it has historically been a place of country origins, in recent years it has undergone a process of gentrification and improvement.

This is due to constant business innovations and the arrival of numerous intellectuals who have nurtured the social, political, artistic, culinary and recreational fields. Therefore, living in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve becomes an endearing and delightful experience.

Located at the eastern end of the island, this neighborhood has a wide range of hotels, luxury restaurants and the famous Olympic Park. In addition, here you will find one of the largest markets in the region and a shopping street where you will find everything you are looking for.

3. La Petite-Italie

La Petite-Italie

If you find tranquility in the Italian style, La Petite-Italie is for you. It is a residential neighborhood with a diversity of cafes, pizzerias and artisan bakeries. Here you can find happiness in the Jean-Talon market, whose life extends 365 days a year with flowers, hot meals and agricultural products.

Another important place is the Parc Dante, named after Rue Dante, which in turn owes its name to Dante Alighieri. Also, many artisanal cafes, top-notch restaurants, cultural spaces and other stress-relieving venues are available.

4. Le Mile-End

Le Mile-End

To talk about Le Mile-End is to delve into the modern, artistic and multicultural. That is, here we can find Greek restaurants, Italian-themed cafes and even bagel stores. Creativity, therefore, is a factor that flutters throughout the place.

The diversity of products and stores is just great. It is not uncommon to find record shops, bookstores or clothing stores with sober and vintage styles. If you walk along Rue Bernard, for example, you will discover similar stores. Also, to liven up the nightlife, there are breweries and music venues waiting for you.

5. Le Vieux-Montréal

Le Vieux-Montréal

Are you looking for a neighborhood where the classic European essence is maintained? Le Vieux-Montréal will undoubtedly charm you. With cobblestone streets dating from the 17th century and squares that evoke another time, elegance and sophistication can never be missing.

Here you will find, apart from cafes and stores, some monuments such as the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Pointe-à-Callière museum. Also, if you look more carefully, you will find the Montreal Science Center and the famous Clock Tower, which attracts even the less curious eye.

6. Outremont


A return to the Victorian era is possible if you visit Outremont. With its imposing and majestic houses, this neighborhood will transport you to another time and space. In addition, the tree-lined streets will give you a friendly welcome, especially the Avenue Laurier Ouest.

On the other hand, Avenue Bernard is a large-scale menu of cafés, restaurants and relaxation spots. And if that’s not enough, the Théâtre Outremont also opens its doors with concerts and movies. For all this and more, it’s a great place to live.

7. Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateau Mont-Royal

Sometimes, to get out of the routine, it is necessary to return to youth. Therefore, in Plateau Mont-Royal you will find an ideal place to live. This neighborhood will be a tour of the young and cosmopolitan, due to its streets with townhouses and various spaces for the dissemination of youth activities.

Of course, the Avenue du Mont-Royal and Rue Saint-Denis will welcome you with numerous innovative cafes and restaurants with a wide repertoire of international dishes. In addition, bars and theaters will also be there for your delight, while the mountain and the lake are waiting for you to enjoy with your family.

8. Saint-Henri


The Saint-Henri neighborhood has been known, since its foundation, as a place of hard-working and enterprising people. This is due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Lachine Canal, whose importance for economic growth also determined a process of improvement for the French-Canadians of the time.

Its contemporary form does not differ from the above. However, with the arrival of wealthy young people and people interested in diversifying Saint-Henri’s activities, the old buildings have come alive to such an extent that real estate industry experts describe the neighborhood as “lively and surprising”.

9. Villeray


The origin of this district is determined by the work of minerals. That is to say, the inhabitants are historically known for their hard work and commitment to any activity that demands their particular attention. That said, the 21st century has also demonstrated how worthy this place is to live.

Many people come to live in Villeray because of its geographic centrality in the province, its quick access to metro transportation and its proximity to the Jean Talon market. Also, the various shopping areas and numerous artistic attractions are a daily occurrence in Villeray.

10. Westmount


Finally, we cannot fail to mention a historic neighborhood like Westmount. Apart from being known for its large Anglophone density, it is also remembered for being a political-social center of the province and for offering spaces for healthy recreation.

If you are interested in the magic that Westmount has to offer, walk down Greene Avenue, for example, and look for a café or a restaurant. You will notice the quality, sophistication and elegance of the establishments, which is also reflected in the quality of the people.

J. Cabana, Montreal neighborhood experts

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Learn strategies and receive personalized assistance to find a decent place that suits your tastes and that matches the life you deserve to have. To achieve your dreams, at J. Cabana Immobilier we are committed to being the best.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to receive quality attention on the best neighborhoods to live in the province. Contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you realize all your dreams.

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