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Selling your property



Selling one’s home, often the biggest asset someone has, can be complex and anxiety-provoking. When you make me confiance to serve you, as a professional, I commit myself:

-To accompany you through the different stages of selling your home, and to suggest a wide range of solutions during the pre-sale, sale and after-sale stages to give your home the opportunity to be sold at the best price, hassle-free and as quickly as possible.

-To determine with precision, through a comparative market study, the monetary value of your assets and thus offer you the best ratio between the selling price of your home versus the time of exposure on the market.

-To negotiate for you, all the elements involved in a real estate transaction, thus ensuring that it is safe, fluide and pleasant.

-To serve your interests from the beginning of the transaction to the notary to ensure that all potentially contentious situations are dealt with quickly to protect you and the transaction.

-To be there for you well beyond the transaction and to remain your reference for your real estate needs.